Ethical Policy

Ethical considerations form an integral part of AGSEC’s social responsibility and mission. AGSEC Ethical Policy is aimed to measure against or filter out business activities. The standards and values that we use are Human right, Animal welfare, Social Responsibility and Environmental Care. Through our ethical policy, AGSEC will try its best efforts to support and uphold the ethical mandate, avoid promoting the corporate advisor projects or investing in companies whose products, services or practices cause or perpetuate injustice and suffering, infringe human rights, engaged in activities or business practices that are in conflict with animal welfare, or cause unacceptable damage to the natural environment.

AGSEC seeks doing business with the companies that produce goods and/or services that enhance the health and welfare of individuals and communities and preserve the environment.

The policy specifically excludes promoting corporate advisor projects (investment banking services) or choosing investment (fund portfolio management ) in the following types of companies or entities:

  • Abattoirs/ slaughterhouses;
  • Fur trade of animals or species that are endangered and/or subjected to cruelty;
  • Animal testing;
  • Aquaculture /aquafarming;
  • Hunting;
  • Tobacco manufacturing or sale of tobacco products;
  • Alcohol manufacturing or sale of alcoholic drinks;
  • Gambling;
  • The production or distribution of pornography;
  • Abortifacients/abortion;
  • Human embryonic cloning;
  • Child labour;
  • Unsustainable timber production;
  • Armaments/weaponry;
  • And other unacceptable business in areas of occupational health and safety and environment management (eg: pollution and waste emission ) are also excluded.

Download AGSEC Ethical Policy by clicking the following links:

Statement of Ethical Policy