AFSSEC Innovation SIV Venture Capital Fund


Potential Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applicants are required to invest AUD $5 million in Australian assets for a minimum of four years before being eligible to apply for a permanent visa.

The assets that are chosen must be ‘complying investments’ which only include Government bonds, ASIC regulated managed funds and direct investment into Australian proprietary companies.

What is it?

The AFSSEC Innovation SIV Venture Capital Fund has been granted conditional registration as a Venture Capital Limited Partnership effective from 7th October 2016 by Innovation Australia, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science of the Australian Federal Government. Investors’ money is pooled together for investments in Australian private companies, and it is the Fund Manager, not the investors who has day to day control of the Fund.


AFSSEC Innovation SIV Venture Capital Fund Brochure

Why invest?

Benefits of investing in the Fund

  • Gain exposure to Australian private businesses with growth potentials:
    By investing in this Fund, you get the opportunity to gain exposure to private businesses based in Australia in diversified industries including Biomedical Technology and Engineering, Renewable Energy Technology and Engineering, Food Technology and Engineering, Information Technology and Engineering, and Telecommunications Technology and Engineering.
  • SIV Complying:
    The Fund could be a complying investment for non-Australian investors who may be interested in applying for Significant Visa with the intention to reside in Australia.
  • Professional Active Management:
    The managers will draw on the experience and expertise of industry experts on specific venture capital investments.
  • Tax Benefits:
    VCLP investors (limited partners) that are eligible foreign investors are also exempt from CGT and Income Tax. Australian domestic VCLP investors are taxed on returns in their hands but may be able to claim deductions for losses.

Who can invest?

Wholesale investors only.

How is your money invested?

Investment Objective The objective of the Fund is to seek capital appreciation superior to those earned on equity, or equity-related, investments of comparable risk.
Minimum Suggested Time Frame 5 years
Investment Strategy The Manager’s strategy is to leverage its business network to source a large number of potential investment opportunities, and then to select the best – the ones that provide exceptional potential for earnings growth.
Indicative Asset Allocation
  • Biomedical Technology and Engineering – 20%
  • Renewable Energy Technology and Engineering – 20%
  • Food Technology and Engineering – 20%
  • Information Technology and Engineering – 20%
  • Telecommunications Technology and Engineering – 20%
Risk Level Relatively more risky
Labour, Environmental, Social and Ethical Considerations AfsSec does not take into account labour standards or ethical considerations when selecting,
retaining or realising the assets of the Fund. AfsSec factors in environmental, social and ethical considerations
into its investment analysis processes to the extent such matters may affect performance, however,
it does not adhere to any particular set of standards, nor have a predetermined view as to what environmental,
social and ethical considerations will be taken into account or the extent to which they will be taken into
account when making investment decisions.


How to apply

To apply to participate in the Fund, please contact the General partner of the Fund, AFSSEC Venture Capital Management Partnership LP at +61 3 9013 0629, or email to

Additional information

For more relevant information, please visit