AFSSEC Australian Real Property Fund

ARSN: 164 697 189

What is it?

The AfsSec Australia Real Property Fund is a managed investment scheme that is registered with ASIC under the Corporation Act. A managed investment scheme is where investors’ money is pooled together to purchase the scheme’s assets, and it is the Responsible Entity, not the investors, who has day to day control of the scheme.


AFSSEC Australian Real Property Fund Brochure

Why invest?

Benefits of investing in the Fund

  • Gain exposure to real estate/agriculture projects: 
    By investing in units of this Fund, you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to Australian real estate and the Australian agriculture industry, such as dairy or crop farms.
  • Long-term capital gain and continuous income:
    Depending on the projects selected, there is potential for both long term capital growth (in the form of an increase in land value) and continuous income through project revenue (income generated from rent or milk production or other business operations)
  • Flexible product design:
    Investments made by the fund are at the complete discretion of the unit holders of that particular class of unit. Each class of unit is independent from the other classes, which allows for extremely versatile investment choices.
  • Professional active management:
    The Fund is actively managed by our professional management team who are involved in the whole process of investment management, including project management, macro analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, performance monitoring, etc.

How is your money invested?

Investment Objective The objective of the fund is to provide long-term capital gains and a continuous income stream through property and developments, land and agricultural operations.
Minimum Suggested Time Frame 3 years
Investment Strategy Invest in Australian real estate and agriculture businesses
Risk Level Medium
Labour, Environmental, Social and Ethical Considerations AfsSec does not take into account labour standards or ethical considerations when selecting, retaining or realising the assets of the Fund. AfsSec factors in environmental, social and ethical considerations into its investment analysis processes to the extent such matters may affect performance, however, it does not adhere to any particular set of standards, nor have a predetermined view as to what environmental, social and ethical considerations will be taken into account or the extent to which they will be taken into account when making investment decisions.


How does the fund work?

New classes of units can be issued under the fund, creating it’s own sub trust within the fund. This allows the investor to have the option to be the sole unit holder of a particular class of unit and therefore have full control over the investment choices for that sub trust.

Who can invest?

Units are available to wholesale investors only.

How to apply

If you are interested in this fund, please contact AFS Capital Securities Fund Management Team for more information on applying to this fund.